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Located at the head of Jamaica Bay between JFK Airport and 5 Towns The Bayhouse is a "Hidden Gem".



The Bayhouse has been serving locals and hungry world travelers for over 25 years. Devastated after super storm Sandy the restaurant has been completely renovated and enjoyed several successful seasons. Known for great food, refreshing drinks and waterfront dining on our large deck, it's a perfect location for a casual meal of groups large or small. A private room is available for your special events.






(718) 527-7575



155-57 Bayview Ave
Rosedale, NY 11422





                                             IT'S PARTY TIME

Step 1: Choose your party package,

Platinum - $50 p/p Top shelf and full open bar

Gold - $43 p/p All beer (domestic, import and tap) wine and soda

Silver - $35 p/p Domestic beer, wine and soda

Bronze - $25 p/p Food only


Step 2: Choose 4 trays of food (limit one seafood)

Step 3- Choose your sides

Rice, Mashed Potato, Red Potato, Fries, Vegetables

Step 4- Choose a Salad, Garden, Caesar or Mesclun

             Choose bread, Garlic bread or dinner rolls

Step 5- Set a date and time and Enjoy!

** Coffee is available $2 additional per person

** Dessert is available for $5 per person

** Soda is available for $3 per person

** Parties are 3 hours long




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